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San Francisco Botanical Garden Maternity Gerardo + Andrea

When Gerardo and Andrea reached out with the intention of wanting some couple photos in the city. We directed them to all our absolute best locations in San Francisco. However, as the day approached us to follow up and confirm the shoot day. We were delighted to hear that not only was Gerardo the one surprising Andrea with a photoshoot, BUT that Andrea was actually expecting their first child!

Are you kidding !!

Of course! we were already excited for this session, but now we were ECSTATIC!

Upon carefully planning with Gerardo, going back and forth on calls, between two hour differences. OH... did we forget to mention they are actually coming all the way from Guadalajara, Mexico ! Yeah, we lost our minds hearing this news, 2,000Mi away and somehow they found us, and choose us for this incredible session. So of course, we had to pull out all the stops for this cute couple.

So after learning all these exciting news, we finally decided that what they were looking for was green scenery. By green, we mean Nature, you know capital N- Mother Nature. And why shouldn't they, after all Andrea was carrying her whole little universe in her womb. So, it was just a given that the San Francisco Botanical Garden was exactly what this couple was looking for .

Of course! we had butterflies and nerves when we first meet. After all, they had a very specific vibe and images they wish for us to capture. So although, there was a bit of a pressure to capture exactly what they wanted, all we kept repeating to ourselves on this day heading to the Botanical was this :

" Diamonds are not born from softness, but the pressure they are put under"


Did we deliver flawlessly !

Diamonds had nothing on us guys, just look at these

gems we were able to capture for these newly parents.

We could not be more proud of us for delivering "more then they had hoped for,"

direct quote from them not us lol!


Location: San Francisco Botanical Garden, San Francisco CA

To our beautiful friends,

 Gerardo + Andrea + baby Arevalo, Thank You!


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