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Our core values:

1. Trust!

Without any gas, a car will not move. You can sit in it all you want but you're not going anywhere, right? Just like gas is needed, trust is a PRIORITY. We can help you with lighting, angles, locations, outfits, and posing but your trust in us will be the difference between a great meaningful photos and some Addam Family style photos. 

2. Confidence!

We want you to walk away from the end of your session with us feeling like a million bucks. We love giving the confidence boost to our clients, sometimes they didn't know they needed it. WE HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE.

3. Authenticity!

We can go to a beautiful location, with a stunning outfit. BUT let's be real! This formula will only give you pretty pictures. We want to stay true to who you are, provide you with photos that are much dearer to your heart. So, yes let's go to the that pretty location, but also let's go to a spot you both went to together that is significant to your love story. 


Anabel       |    Jobanna



        blasting all forms of
soulful music
in the car

reading great self-growth
books or podcasts

sun bathing

Sisterhood is power

          indulging in mom's chicken

hair flowing, heads out
the car window






27th, old soul, wild heart on sleeve, Cali living !

My fur/scaly babies are the heart of our household, and that's a fact! Waggly tails, daily couch snuggles,  lint rolls for days and scaly kisses are an every day essential.

When i'm not creating art, you can find me at home loving on my babies and the love of my life. Perfect evening is kicking our feet up on the couch after baking our favorite desserts, watching one of our  favorite movies, sipping on our favorite coffee.  

Simple life, happy life is our motto !

It's simple really, there's three things in this life that make me nostalgic and over the moon happy !

         My soulmate.  My fur babies.   

                    My photography.

My whole world revolves around these three passions and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Travel Accessories

On those other occasions where life slows down. My go to for down time is traveling. No plans, no destination just where the heart and soul desires. This wild soul of mine has taken me to some of the coolest adventures of my life and believe me i've got some rad stories to share.


Definitely, ask me when we hang !


I also love hearing about your adventures, especially if it includes spookiness or otherworldly .  Nothing is off the table, perhaps this is where me and my souls sister divide in difference lol ! 


Hope to meet you in person soon, and to welcome you into our loving, incredible growing community of Shutter Family.


Much love and care your girl 






I'm a huge fan of: 

 Soulful music.   


"My stomach hurts from laughing to much" moments.

Hi, I'm Jobanna. I'm a 28-year-old, first-time mom to a two-year-old.  I'm Happy experiencing life on this planet with my fiancé Angel. 


Who would have thought, I'd meet a likeminded soul sister and run around the globe shooting people & stay off the Wanted list. HAHA. 

For real though, A few of my favorite things are: French fries. The Office, quality family time, going with the flow and couples who trust me as their photographer. 

I constantly think about how so many little moments add up to make another moment manifest in this universe. For instance, step by step every moment has led YOU here Right? 


I don't believe in coincidences.


Traditional routes have not been the driving force in my life. I have discovered that I love creating with dance, with photography, with calligraphy, with open hearted people.


I am a hopeful romantic at heart! I promise, I will be the stranger at your wedding taking photos and having waterfalls running down my cheeks during your vows while your Tia Lupe looks at me like I'm crazy. & I'm okay with that!


Nothing more special than to be a part of real love. I'm not about bottling up emotions.

Show me that beautiful mess, the real tears, the vulnerable part of your love. These are the moments where we have people think we are "magical"; it's in these moments that we turn your love into golden art.


'A moment in time that helps you fall in love all over again! '


Everyday life routines can be easy to get lost in. I am reminding myself and hope to remind you during our time together, just how important you are to this puzzle we call life.


“Sometimes I’ll Start a Sentence, And I Don’t Even Know Where It’s Going. I Just Hope I Find It Along the Way." -Michael Scott


Hope to meet you in person soon & chase the sunset together!




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