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Minimalistic & Neutral - in studio Maternity Session for my Best Friend

Updated: Jul 26

There's something really special about documenting one of life's biggest wonders. The creation of life, although talked about on the regular, without much denotation behind it, has come to be just a simple conversation. "I'm pregnant." "Oh. my gush, Congratulations!" Move on. As documenters of life, we can be blamed for this exact reaction, but it only takes one special session to remind us just how special these moments are, and most importantly how little time we actually have to enjoy these little moments life has gifted us with. So when your soul sister, best friend, and badass of a mom, says to you "I'm Pregnant." You better believe I am rolling out the red carpet for her, HONEY!

What do you think? Did I capture their happiness?

P.S make sure to check our other blog posts and see PT.2 of this incredible maternity session.

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