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Capturing Love in Full Bloom: Engagement Photos in Dahlia Farm | Photographer's Content Day

Karen + David

If you have not checked out this gorgeous dahlia farm in Northern California, more specifically in Petaluma, CA. You are missing out!

This gorgeous engagement session was created and hosted by Grace from (@gracecervantesphotography) one of our photography friends who have become a huge inspiration for us smaller businesses. We met Grace back in 2022 and have had the joy and pleasure of meeting with as well as working with. Check out her incredible work and photography talent (link above.)

If you've ever been to an all photographer's content day or how we camera crazy folks like to call it

"a shootout." lol

Yeahhh.. we need help, don't judge, haha!

Then, you are well aware how intense an event like this can be. In all seriousness you are walking into a room full of incredibly talented individuals and everyone attending is there to capture some serious magic. Same magic you are seeking yourself. So yes, intensity is playing it lightly. It would be a lie to say we haven't encountered one or two incidents at these shootouts that leave us with a little side eye or a little gasp here and there. Jobanna and I like to call these "shutter fights" haha! However, don't let us stir you away from such amazing opportunities. The reality of these shootouts are about 99.9999% AMAZING and the teensy little bit is just a few lost of translation/communication, or over excitement that we forget that we are needing to share the space with other creatives. Nothing major !

So over all we can both say they are actually pretty fucking RAD!

SIGHN UP ! You wont regret it, Promise !

Well be the first to say that shootouts are actually one of the coolest events we've had the pleasure of attending !

For now, enjoy these gorgeous images we captured on this stunning afternoon. Special thanks to our friends at (@thehappydahliafarm) . We've had many, many profound memories here and too many adorable sesions to even count . Check some of these oder sessions below.

Thank You Happy Dahlia for opening your doors to your community and to your local photographers!

If you would like a session at this farm:



Check out a few more of our favorite sessions on the blog CLICK HERE


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