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Capturing Timeless Moments: A Mother's Day Photo Shoot at the Dahlia Farm in Petaluma, California

Susie, Baby Isaac + Momma Grace

If you have not checked out this gorgeous dahlia farm in Northern California, more specifically in Petaluma, CA. You are missing out!

This gorgeous mother's day session with Susie, baby Isaac, and her mother Grace was so tenderly sweet, we could not wait to share more on this beautiful day.

Susie wanted some great photos with her mother and baby Isaac before he grew up to fast, and started heading to kindergarden that fall. So, we arranged for them to meet us at one of our favorite local farms The Happy Dahlia Farm in Petaluma, CA(@thehappydahliafarm). When we arrived, just viewing Susie's face light up at how beautiful this farm was was enough to guarantee that these photos were going to be AMAZING !

So, if you've ever had to photograph a toddler whose main focus is to run around and to test how fast "mommy can catch me." Then you are missing out on the toddler adventures lol! Don't let the perfect still photos deceive you, as much as Susie was chasing around Isaac all around the farm, we ourselves were not two steps behind, trying to capture the adventures of baby Isaac.

Don't think we've ever had to work as hard for a photo as much as Isaac made us work for it haha! But we would do it again if it means capturing the joy on this babies face and the behind the scenes laughs, and smiles Susie and her mother shared with each other. The whole afternoon was so beautifully - unplanned, that even in the whole chaos of it all, we were able to capture exactly what Susie had envisioned for her photos.

We are so happy with the end results, that even as we were editing the photos, we truly surprised ourselves by how many beautiful and raw moments were captured for this cutie family.



Thank You Happy Dahlia for opening your doors to your community and to your local photographers!

If you would like a session at this farm:



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