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San Francisco Coast Engagement Photos | Pierre + Hollis

Updated: Mar 12

One of my favorite parts about being only 45mins away from gorgeous San Francisco coast is that every possible location for dreamy photos is possible here within short walks or hikes.

So when Hollis reached out in late October for her and Pierre's engagement session. I was ecstatic ! Engagement sessions are one of my absolute favorite memories to document and having that opportunity to go into San Francisco was just that cherry on top !

However since it was in October and with possible heavy rains forecasted. I was a bit worried about needing to reschedule, but I took a chance on this couple and explained to them that although, the weather was a little unpredictable. This actually comes with wanting photos here in the San Francisco coast. If you are a local you know how quickly, and unexpectedly the fog rolls in and soon after the sun hides behind the clouds. Especially closest to the Golden Gate. After explaining this to Holli, I only asked that they keep an open mind and bring along a warm jacket in case they would need it in between shots. Thankfully for me, they were open to all the wonderful ideas I had in mind, and after a quick meet/ greet in person. Off we went!

Exploring the coast and taking moments in between to stop at eye catching spots. Many of which turned out, even better then I had envisioned. As we walked alongside LANDS END TRAIL exploring the cliffs and many scenic ocean views.

As we continued to explore we stopped dead in our tracks upon this charming location full of cypress trees and eucalyptus trees as far out and as far up as your eyes would see. I knew this was the perfect spot !

Tell me, do you agree? Is this not the dreamiest location nestled in the cypress trees with an even dreamier lighting !

If you wish to see the full instagram post detailing more images from this amazing day, head to our post below.


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