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Epic Sunflower Fields Photoshoot in Dixon, CA!

Updated: Jul 26

Ilseg, ilseg, ilseg! Wow! can we just say drop dead gorgeous! I mean most of us go to the beautiful Dixon/Woodland, California sunflower bloom to experience the AWE jaw- dropping, endless rows of these beauties🌻. But Ilseg made them work for her. She was literally transformed into this beautiful romanticized, fairy dream right before our eyes! and let's not forget all this beauty was capture with 105F degree weather, but as you can see it was all worth it! A special thank you to Mabel owner of Bella Maternity Rentals (@bella_maternity_rentals) for providing such elegant dresses on this day, and if you wish to photograph in this location. Make sure to contact us. These sessions are ones we look forward each and every year!

Happy Summer Shutter Family !

View instagram post HERE!

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