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Backyard Family Session, you can take meaningful family photos anywhere.

all you need is a working camera, time, and expectations out the window. Probably easier said than done, as photographers we always have this lingering weight over our shoulders of getting those perfect shots. That's a given, it kind of comes with the territory, and as a client I'm sure you're looking forward to having that great family shot where everyone, especially the kiddos are looking directly at the camera. After all it is a family session, but between you and I, let's be realistic for one second. Trying to get any child to look straight into the camera takes more time then to rest that expectation and just have fun. Family fun, a family session should not feel forced or painful. You should be able to leave your session worn out from fun and not from stress. This is where we say as photographers to leave the stressing to us and the worrying about that "perfect" shot up to us. We just want you to have fun and enjoy your time with your family, and in between all the fun you can be sure your photographer has already captured that shot.

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